We Found Our RV!!!

After months of searching, hours traveling from city to city, visiting dealers and private sellers alike, we are very excited to announce that today we found our RV!!!

Please stay tuned for more exciting news – the countdown to full-time has begun!!!


QUESTION: What advice would you give to anyone interested in RV travel?

6 thoughts on “We Found Our RV!!!

  • While not really a ‘RV’ I did just return to my home in Talkeetna (AK) after driving to Three Forks (MT) to pick up a new 2017 R-pod travel trailer and then making the return trip. This adventure logged just shy of 5,900 miles of which 2,514 miles were on the fabled Alaska Highway. My advice to anyone just starting out with a RV or travel trailer; begin slowly and learn the vehicle in terms of how it handles on varying road surfaces and in most weather conditions. Short distance weekend trips would be ideal for becoming familiar with your new ‘home’. I had only towed large U-Haul trailers short distances before making this ‘odyssey’ and I paid dearly for my inexperience. A sustained 15 mph to 25 mph crosswind in southern Alberta made pulling the R-pod a nightmare. In addition, I didn’t have sufficient weight on the tongue so the trailer was pushing my Ford Escape all over the road. I figured out the weight/loading issue while overnighting around Calgary (AB) but then ran into snow and sleet the next day while driving to Leduc (AB) which is a bedroom community to Edmonton. Thankfully I had three days of experience regarding towing the R-pod before I hit The Alaska Highway; this road really challenged my skills, patience and intestinal fortitude. But I prevailed and my two canine companions and I made it back to Talkeetna in fair shape with our new R-pod. Congratulations on your new RV!

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  • We read a LOT of blogs about RV travel to get a taste of what it is like! We would also recommend researching how you will want discounts for your overnight stays. We are members of Good Sam and get 10% at many campgrounds. We are also members of Passport America. You will get up to 50% off from one to 7 nights! Every campground can set their own requirements. It depends on how you are going to travel. We started out with a small and nimble 5th wheel. We traveled up and down the east coast (between Virginia and Florida) our first two years and usually stayed 3-5 days. We used Passport A LOT!!! Then we traded up to a Motor Home and our travel style changed drastically. Now we look to stay a minimum of a week – no membership needed. Many good places will give you your 7th night free. Looking forward to your “reveal!”

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  • you will not use 1/3 of the stuff you bring – especially clothes. Our rule is “one In – one out” – so if we want new shoes, another pair goes (and it is easy) Good luck!

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  • What fun….my husband and I traveled all around the USA for over 7 years in our little Ford Fourwinds 19G RV just us and 2 large dogs….I look forward to following your blog post. We recently had a run in with a very well build old cement bridge and it opened up the side of our RV like a can of tuna !! so we have taken the money and bought a very nice Subaru outback and are doing Airbnb’s as we travel across the USA. I have many stories of our travels in my head…I really should share them…. What fun for you…..Kathy

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