Texas Sand Castles & RV Beach (Part 1)

This week we head down to Corpus Christi and Port Aransas with hopes to catch SandFest in Port Aransas. The small and sandy roads (along with the promise of 100,000+ people) in the small town of Port A left us feeling a bit uneasy.

Fearing our rig’s large size may get us into trouble near the crowded beach, we decided to look for adventure elsewhere.



Watch part 2 HERE.


Weekend RV Escape – Camping at Granger Lake

We took a spontaneous trip to Granger Lake this past weekend, not far from home base in Hutto, Texas. Cloudy skies and temperatures in the low sixties kept us indoors for most of the weekend, although we did manage to sneak out for a drive around the dam and park grounds.

It was easy for us to book a last minute, site that included electric and water hookups with access to an on-site dumping station. This campground allows dogs on leash, even long leads and tie-outs (with supervision).

Songbirds sang to us through open windows as we enjoyed spectacular sunsets and lakefront views. The sites were spacious, and easily had room for large RV’s – our 40-foot bus had room to spare in the 50 foot paved, RV pad.

On a warmer weekend hiking, boating, and swimming would have been our top priorities. We’ll need to return in the summer to take advantage of all that Wilson H Fox (a US Army Corps of Engineers park) offers.


Spontaneous Corpus Christi Beach Day – Our FIRST RV Trip


We woke to a chilly morning in Hutto, Texas. A fresh cool front had settled in after an early spring storm.

Too cold (anything below seventy degrees is too cold for me). Wrapped in pillows and heavy blankets, reluctant to start the day, I hear words that easily get me started “Want to go to the beach?”

I have no hesitation. The coast is only a few hours away. Our house is made for travel. Before I know it I am up, moving the bus, packing and preparing to fold our house in on itself, via its three slides.

We are on the road quickly, speeding towards warmer weather. No packing, no planning, just feed and walk the dogs then go. Temperatures in the forties and fifties plagued central Texas, but by the time we’d land on the Corpus Christi coast only a few hours later, we’d be enjoying temperatures in the low to mid-seventies.



Saturday evening, sunsets and seascapes fill the enormous front windows of our new home on wheels. We cruised along the Texas shoreline at a leisurely pace, enjoying the freedom and beauty of our new mobile living room. Eventually, after failing to check in at a few (full) beachfront campsites, we decide to sleep in the parking lot of an abandoned church just outside of Corpus.

David was up early Sunday morning, getting us on the road early, eager to start our day at the beach. I’m not a morning person, but thank goodness David is. His spontaneous spirit is one of good influence on me.



Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.17.33 PM.png
A purple coffee cup sits on the counter as the sun rises, on the Corpus Christi Beach, in the window behind it.


I enjoy the perfect cup of coffee over the perfect scenery, then we take all four dogs out for a stroll on the Corpus Christi Beach. We successfully survived our first (small) RV trip, had an AMAZING adventure and can hardly wait until our next outing.


Getting Ready to Hit the Road – Should I Buy a New or Used RV? – Why We Chose Used

We’ve been living in the RV for sixteen days, still in the honeymoon phase. Despite some small troubles and difficulties, our spirits are high as we commit ourselves to our new task of full-time RV living.

Our space is well designed and the new home is well equipped with everything needed for off the grid living. We’ve got all the comforts of home, a decently sized fridge and freezer, great kitchen counter space, big beautiful windows, electricity, a gas stove, plenty of on-demand hot water, an amazingly soft Sleep Number bed, enough room for four to five humans, plenty of space for our four dogs.


During the day our home, wrapped by well-placed windows, is filled with warming and healing sunlight. When the weather is agreeable all the windows are opened, creating the perfect cross-breezes. To set the mood, the appropriate theme music is carried throughout the coach via the built-in radio and stereo system.

Our large tag axle bus has three slide outs and a large living space. Many interior cabinets and large exterior pass-through storage compartments give us plenty of onboard storage space for even large items, like kayaks, tents, tools, and camping gear.

It took us months to find the perfect RV. We did a ton of researched and looked at many options, new and used, all over the state of Texas.

New or used? – at the beginning of our search we seriously were considering the purchase of a shiny new coach, hesitant to take on a second hand project.


Most people we spoke to involved in RV sales and the RV Lifestyle seemed to agree on two things:

VALUE – New RV’s GREATLY depreciate in value the minute you drive them off the lot. Even buying an RV that is one or two years old used can save you as much as half the cost of buying new.


REPAIRS – When we started looking into the RV lifestyle, we thought new would be the way to go because we didn’t want to “inherit someone else’s problems”.

As we started to dig deeper into the issue, reading blogs and watching Youtube videos from within the RV Life community, we realized that both new and used RV’s had problems.

  • The warranty repair process for new RV’s did not seem like a great option for people who live in their RV’s full time. Sending our RV away for repairs is not practical since we have pets.
  • We’ve been using mobile mechanics who come to us so our dogs can stay in their home and feel safe and comfortable. The humans are comfortable too. Waiting for a repair from your living room is much better than waiting any place else.
  • We’re lucky that David is pretty handy. I’ve got faith that he will continue to troubleshot and fix many small issues that arise on our journeys.


After carefully weighing our options, we decided that we would get the most out of our money and purchase a quality used motorhome. 

It’s not perfect but it’s home. We’ve already had a few bumps and malfunctions, many due to user error. There is a growing list of items to repair, little things – one of our Fantastic Fan’s doesn’t spin, two new front tires, an electrical outlet here, a backup camera there, our Hydro-Hot works beautifully on diesel but does nothing on electric, the furnace is not kicking on in the living room, and one of the overhead AC units is acting a bit strangely.


None of these things were beyond our expectations when we set our eyes on the low mileage, 2004 luxury coach. The price was fair and left our budget with just enough room to take care of maintenance and repairs as they come along.

Things are going well. We’ve had no regrets since moving. We are learning and enjoying new experiences every day. Over the next few months, we plan to learn everything about our new home, inside and out, as we work through our repair list getting the ship ready for its maiden voyage.

A Big BIG Bus – Sold the House Bought an RV – Our First Day of Full Time RV Living

After months and months of waiting, we’re finally moving into our very first RV (a 40 foot diesel pusher bus). This is the first YouTube video we’ve done together of our first day in our new home.


Music by Jeremy Boothe and the Wanderers – http://www.jeremybootheandthewanderers.com/

Follow our adventures!


We Found Our RV!!!

After months of searching, hours traveling from city to city, visiting dealers and private sellers alike, we are very excited to announce that today we found our RV!!!

Please stay tuned for more exciting news – the countdown to full-time has begun!!!


QUESTION: What advice would you give to anyone interested in RV travel?

We’re Looking Forward to Sharing Our Life With You

We’ve been vigorously planning and arranging everything required to make the move from a reasonably sized 1800 square foot home, complete with 8 closets, to something much smaller.

Chasing a dream, tired of waiting. There’s no time like the present. We’re getting an RV!!

Please stay tuned for our big reveal. More fun to come. Happy travels.